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At Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc. we strive to be just that: specialists. But it means more than simply being an expert – it demands flexibility and innovation. Founded in 1970, Byrne Electrical Specialists has been a leader in this industry – and the community – for quite a while. Our smart, resourceful staff delivers world-class...
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crade to cradle
Case Study
At Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc., it’s often been said that they’re really a service company...not simply a manufacturing company. And that is certainly evident in the work they’ve done to help improve business for their own clients. West Michigan office furniture manufacturer, Trendway, had a problem...
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Career Opportunity
To produce quality parts within reasonable expectancies. Maintain a safe, clean, and orderly work environment. Must be able to read prints and process sheets. Must be able to perform first piece inspection as well as in process quality checks accompanied by the required paperwork. Must be able to properly identify parts and...
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Byrne News

Byrne is on a Roll as NeoCon Spirals Closer

April 23, 2014
Byrne's been around the block, and we know not all solutions are linear. We have some new…
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As the Leaves Change Colors, Byrne Stays Green

October 25, 2013
As a leader in the green movement, the patio was designed as an eco-friendly add-on to Byrne…
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Another straight line.  Really?
Another straight line. Really?

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but it's not always the most productive. Interlink® iQ is our non-sequential power system that allows users to easily "daisy chain" power/data centers together. Isn't it time you jumped out of line?